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Airbnb Announce Simplification of Verified ID

Airbnb have announced a simplification of verified ID for guests. The changes are meant to bring a more streamlined method to users being verified.

From December 5th, all guests need to provide a government issued ID along with an online social media profile such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Google Account. Verified user must upload a profile photo (remember to always make it a good photo of yourself) and be verified by phone as well.

Hosts have the ability to restrict reservation requests to verified users only or accept requests from non-verified guests as well.

The old verification methods will be removed after 5 December.

Comment: A good security update from Airbnb, I always insist that a guest has an up to  date image and has verified their identity prior to accepting a reservation. It keeps some of the time wasters away. Clearly the automated system they have implemented has passed its initial rollout and is now being rolled out world wide.

More info on Verified ID can be found here in the Airbnb help pages

Here is a copy of the email to hsosts


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