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Airbnb Hosts – Download Our Airbnb Welcome Guide Template for Guests

Our Airbnb guests tell us all the time how great our Welcome Guide is for them. The guide is simply a five page pdf that outlines the apartment and everything they need to know about staying with us.

Cassandra an Airbnb host from Melbourne  requested I create a template so here goes.

Firstly, a little information about what to put in the guide.

First up address, directions and contact information. All of this should be on page 1 for people to find easily.

In many countries the apartment number comes after the street number so 1/4 Example st sounds strange to many Europeans,. Make sure instead that you say Apartment #1 4 Example St so that it is a little more obvious. Next directions – give as many options as you can to get to your property. Airbnb travelers may be arriving by air, sea, car, train so makes sure you have specified exactly how they should reach your property from all of these forms of transport. Also include the average taxi fare from the airport so they don’t get ripped off by a dodgy cab driver. Make sure you also give them tips on transportation – for example in Sydney it makes no sense to take the train to or from the airport to our apartment if there are 2 of you traveling from the airport as a cab will be cheaper and get you to our front door. We also have tips on catching the train – as Central station in Sydney is huge and taking the wrong exit can make a short walk into a 1.2km hike with luggage at the end of a long flight.

Add a Google Map showing your location – just copy and paste it in.

In summary

  • Address
  • Contact Mobile Number
  • Directions from/to airport
  • Directions from/to train station






In the next section we go into local transport options, we list how to get around by train, bus and cab from our apartment to the usual places of interest for tourists. We list the bus numbers and trains & platforms to take.


Apartment Basics

We go through the following

  • Kitchen Where things are stored, what is included and what isn’t. (we also have a request that the kitchen is used for breakfast only)
  • Bathroom – we have loads of spare toiletries for guests if they have forgotten them, where they can get spare toilet paper, etc.
  • Balconies – some tips as we have 2 large balconies for guests to relax on
  • Wifi – password and network name Keys and Security – how to lock up and get in and out
  • Washing – we provide a washer and dryr that our guests can use for free





Local Places to Eat

We list our favourite places for guests to eat and drink in the local area. We have lived in Surry hills for 10 years so we know the area very well.
We separate this list into breakfast lunch and dinner lists. We also have a selection of good pubs and bars close by.

Top things to do in Sydney

We then go into our top 5 things to do in Sydney. The things we think that a tourist coming for the first tmie should do. From walking over the Harbour Bridge, the Manly Ferry to doing the Bondi to Bronte walk

Lastly – we ask for a review. We state how important it is for us as hosts to have reviews so we finish up by thanking them for staying with us and asking them to please complete a review

That’s it, if you have any other suggestions for a the template then please let me know in the comments below.

Download the template now in Word format.

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