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Airbnb House Rules – Spell It Out For Your Guests

So we just had a couple stay with us that wanted to use the kitchen every night. They didn’t come across as people who wanted to do this – a lovely polite couple of honeymooners from the UK in Sydney for 3 nights. Whilst we hadn’t explicitly stated in the Airbnb House Rules section that this wasn’t allowed, the fact that it is AirBNB as in the BNB meaning bed and breakfast and not bed, breakfast lunch and dinner we thought may have been enough. However, as a global business with people from different cultures, expectations and standards, it highlighted the need to ensure that you use the House Rules section of Airbnb explicitly – stating exactly what you want and what you don’t want in a guest.

So – we have adjusted our listing accordingly, to make it obvious that we discourage our guests from using the kitchen to cook dinner (especially Fish Head Soup) Given Surry Hills is Sydney’s premier restaurant district with choices from the lower to top end of town it isn’t hard to find a $10-15 cheap meal close by. (BTW we recommend the Strawberry Hills, Shakespeare and Trinity pubs close by as great cheap dining locations)

We invite your comments via Facebook on this article, how are you making the best use of the House Rules listings? How have you adjusted your House Rules or your general listing based on guests behaviour? Share your ideas and join the discussion, the entire Airbnb community benefits from our combined wisdom.


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