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Airbnb Introduces Instant Bookings For Hosts

Airbnb recently added instant bookings for established hosts that allow Airbnb travellers to make an immediate booking once they have found a property they want to stay in.

The feature is not being rolled out to all hosts, with certain country restrictions (it works in Australia) that aren’t published as long as the host has greater than 3 positive reviews. Instant bookings are allowed for periods of up to 7 days no further into the future than 90 days of the booking date.

The host is able to set some conditions on accepting travellers, either those only with positive reviews, or everyone. Your basic reservation requirements also are enforced such as profile photo, verified phone number etc.

The feature certainly won’t work for all hosts, however certainly will for those that are looking to remove a barrier for people booking. Airbnb also state that the new feature will also boost your visibility in the search results, so those looking to rank higher in the Airbnb search results should enable this feature.

Here is what Airbnb have to say about the new instant book feature.

We want to make life easier for you. So we’re very pleased to announce you’re now eligible to activate Instant Book.

Enabling Instant Book on your listing will enable guests to make a reservation without manual approval from you. As soon as a guest presses the “Instant Book” button, their reservation will be confirmed and emailed to you, and your calendar will be updated automatically.

  • A boost in the property’s visibility. More potential guests will see your listing.
  • Less work and fewer e-mails to secure bookings. Watch your calendar fill up!

You can choose how much notice you’d like before an Instant Booking: no advance notice necessary (you’re ready at the drop of a hat), one day (the default setting), three days, or seven days. Guests can use “Instant Book” up to 90 days in advance.

Instant book works only with updated calendars – so please make sure yours is up-to-the-moment. We may occasionally send you reminders to update your calendar, because out-of-date calendars make booking difficult for guests.

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