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Airbnb Open Registration & Details

Airbnb Open, the first annual Airbnb Hosts Conference opened up today for host registrations however not all was smooth sailing. airbnb-open

Having got out of bed at 12am Sydney time to register, I found the link to the page, and pressed the find out more button however the page appeared broken. Never fear, try a different browser. No luck. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, all didn’t work. Grabbed the iPad and tried Chrome and Safari – no joy. Being now 1245am I gave up and went back to bed and set the alarm for 3am. Again I got up and retried. This time I also searched Twitter for a solution. No joy. Back to bed and woke up at 6.30am with the same result. The page seemed to me to be in a redirect loop, it wanted you to login, but as soon as you did it asked you to do the same again.

I then decided to direct Tweet @airbnb and @airbnbevents to see what the problem was as when searching for #airbnbopen on twitter I saw that not only had registrations opened, but they had also closed and had reached capacity almost immediately. Fortunately, my Tweet worked and I received a reply and then a follow up email from Airbnb letting me know I had been registered and would receive more information shortly.

So, if you are having issues then head here – and try and register. Airbnb have also put a wait-list in place if you missed out.

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