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Airbnb Wish Lists: From Search to Discover

Airbnb has just released a video that explores the process that their technical and design teams went through in creating the new Wish Lists feature – groups of places to stay that users can create and publish to the world.

Wish Lists grew out of the older style Star buttons on the site, where you could save favourite places to stay for later. When Airbnb looked into how people were interacting with the star they wondered what would happen if they changed the star to a heart. So they tried it and it increased user engagement by 30%. According to Joe Gebbia, one of the founders of Airbnb one of the reasons they wanted to create Wisists was the sites heavy reliance on search,
“You have to have search,” Gebbia says. “But what if you don’t know where you want to go?”

Since Airbnb released Wish Lists, 45% of their  users have engaged with Wish Lists, and over one million have been created.

We have created a few Wish Lists, however we have found it very handy for planning a trip to Bali in 2013 and have already narrowed down the available choices. Take a look at our Bali Villa Wish List

Read the full story on Airbnb Wish Lists on Factcodesign

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