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5 Things to Mention When Reviewing An Airbnb Host

Wondering what too write about your stay in an Airbnb property? Follow these simple tips to leave a 5 star review. I always find that a guest that leaves a comprehensive review of our listing will receive a better than average review in return


Location, location, location is a big factor when choosing a Airbnb host. That is why Airbnb put such an emphasis on the displayed Google map during your search. Always make a mention of how convenient the listing was in terms of transport and access to the key tourist areas of a city. It is always good to add how long and how difficult it is to get to the listing from the nearest airport.,

The Host/s

Make sure you let future guests know if the host is friendly (or otherwise) hospitable and easy to get hold of and ask questions. This is will vary if you stay in a entire property or a shared room but good hosts make themselves available to guests and have prepared their accommodation in advance to anticipate guests needs.

The Bed/The Space

Lets face it a lousy bed makes a miserable stay. If the bed is uncomfortable or the pillows are like planks then mention it. If you don’t want to mke it public then use the private feedback to send the host the feedback – they will appreciate your honesty. On the other hand if the bed is uber comfortable then make sure you let your fellow Airbnb know.


When I worked at the Ritz Cartlon, it was drilled into all staff the fact that a huge percentage of guests like clean places. We were made to clean anything whenever we had nothing more to do. Airbnb can be a mixed bag in terms of quality of accommodation so it is worth mentioning the cleanliness or others of the accommodation to others. Super clean and sparkly, let the world know. A rat hole you wouldn’t board your dog in, perhaps be a touch diplomatic and let the host know in the private comments.


A great place next to a huge construction site can be noisy and can ruin a stay. A host that stays up all night jamming in his basement can also be a pain. Most people want to hear about the general amenity of a listing. Most are looking for quiet at night when they sleep so if it is nice and quiet then let the world know

Anything else you mention when writing an Airbnb review? Tell us in the comments.

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