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9 Tips to Boost Your Airbnb Host Search Ranking

Airbnb search algorithm is a tough nut to crack. From our experience in over 18 months as Airbnb hosts we have been on Page 1, Page 20 and pretty much everywhere in between. From the research I’ve done and from Airbnb sources I’ve compiled these 9 tips to boost your Airbnb search ranking for your property.

1. The speed that you reply to messages from travellers

Ensure that you reply ASAP to any inquiry and ensure you answer everyone. With the Airbnb Android and iPhone apps you don’t have any excuses, even if it is to say “I’ll be back to you later” that will help your search ranking.

2. The distance from the city/town centre

This one is tough for those people not located close to the centroid of their city. If you don’t know what a centroid is then go to Google maps and enter your city, the middle of the map is the centroid. The distance of your listing from this point will be a factor in determining your ranking. Not one you can do much about either. Good to know however.

3. How often you update your Airbnb calendar

Here is an easy one. Go in and update your calendar as much as possible, even if only to click the update button. The simplest thing you can do to boost your Airbnb search ranking.

4. How frequently you update your Airbnb description

We are big fans of regularly revising your Airbnb description, I just updated ours a few weeks back. The easy way to add more info to it is to write down any questions your guests ask you when they arrive. That sort of info should be in your description.

5. The number of cancelled reservations

Whilst shit sometimes happens and you need to cancel a booking, you need to understand that Airbnb’s algorithm will punish you if you do. Avoid like the plague

6. The amount of time you spend on the site per day

Another easy one. I login almost everyday to check stats and respond to messages. It’s easy to get into the habit of doing this daily (and update your calendar at the same time – takes 1 minute)

7. Your response rate to travellers inquiries

As per point #1, not only will a quick reply boost your response rate, you need to be responding to everyone who messages you. Even if to say “No thanks!”

8. The number of positive reviews

Another factor under your control, make sure your guests love you, your property is clean and tidy and that they recommend you to friends. Lots of 5 star reviews will boost your search ranking.

9. The number of times you have been added to other members Wishlists

Totally out of your control, however make sure you use the best photo you have as the feature as this will be the one that shows on wish lists. Ask your friends to add a wishlist with your property in it. If you have found any other methods to boost your Airbnb search ranking make sure you leave us a message in the comments below.

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