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Airbnb News Round Up – July 2014

July has been a big month for Airbnb with a total rebranding which saw social media light up with criticism of the new logo, another Airbnb tenant disaster story, fines in Spain and anonymous emails introduced between hosts and guests.

Airbnb Rebrands

The biggest Airbnb news story of the month was the rebrand. Love the logo or hate it (or think it looks like various parts of anatomy)

Another Airbnb Horror Story

What is remarkable about this one, is that it has been such a long time since the last one. With thousands of nights a week being booked it surprising it actually doesn’t happen more often. Still it would be better to see Airbnb more on the front foot cleaning this up and smoothing it over with the host when it does.

Airbnb fined in Barcelona

Airbnb is getting so popular in Barcelona that the neighbours, the hotel industry & the government are ganging up on them.

Airbnb introduce anonymous email addresses for reservations

This month, Airbnb started issuing anonymous email addresses for both the guest and the host. Previously both parties were given each others contact information.

Soon, when you accept a reservation, we’ll start providing you and your guest with a pair of unique, temporary email addresses instead of sharing your private email addresses. Any emails sent to this address will be forwarded to your private email address, so you don’t need to do anything differently. You’ll start seeing this change over the next few days in places like confirmation emails or in your dashboard.

Comment – I see this as a positive move. We did have an issue with a guest who booked then was cancelled who took to email harassing me a few times till I simply hit the spam button in gmail. No doubt, something similar has happened to other hosts and guests.

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