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Airbnb Wins Judgement in New York On Shared Rental Property

Airbnb has just won a case when the New York appeal board overturned an earlier ruling that Nigel Warren (An Airbnb host in New York) was fined for renting his room out in his apartment to travellers.

The New York City Environmental Control Board reversed the fines after Airbnb helped Nigel to appeal the laws.

“In the appeal, we and Nigel argued—and the appeal board now agrees—that under New York law as long as a permanent occupant is present during a stay, the stay does not violate New York’s short term rental laws. Much of the New York law is confusing, with some provisions applying to certain buildings and not to others. But this shared space provision was crystal clear. We intervened in this case because the initial decision on Nigel’s case was so clearly wrong, and we are pleased to see that the Board agreed.”

Notch this up as a victory for the sharing economy.

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