Saturday , August 15 2020
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Airbnb Wishlists

Airbnb have introduced Wish Lists that let you create and share unique and amazing places to stay all over the world. They also released a short video introducing them.


Here’s How to Create an Airbnb Wish List

  1.  Head over to any listing page on Airbnb. (The experience is better if you’re logged in. If you’re not a member, you’ll need to sign up.) We encourage you to use Facebook Connect so that you’re able to discover your friends’ Wish Lists.
  2.  Browse through the listings. You can access listings from the home page, via search, or on our Popular Wish Lists page.
  3. Anytime you see a listing that catches your eye – from these Wish Lists or anywhere on – simply click on the listing image. Then click “Save to Wish List.”

Here is my Airbnb Wish List


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