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Everbooked.com Launches Dynamic Pricing Updates for Airbnb Hosts

San Francisco based Everbooked.com has launched a dynamic pricing tool for Airbnb hosts that automatically adjusts your properties prices based on a large number of factors such as occupancy, competitors pricing , major events and seasonality. Everbooked expects that Airbnb hosts can earn between 10-40% more money per month than by using static pricing alone. Cloud based and launching in two cities, San Francisco & Portland it is available now as a beta, free for at least 3 months until pricing details are confirmed based on user feedback and input.

How Everbooked Works

Everbooked gathers and analyses data for dozens of local demand factors and their influence on a specific location and type of property. Hotel pricing and occupancy, availability of other vacation rentals, seasonality, nearby events, and many other factors are considered. The collected demand data is analysed by a proprietary decision engine using models specifically designed for the vacation rental market to determine when prices should be influenced to go up or down, and by how much.

Hosts that are using Everbooked will be able to focus on creating more great Airbnb experiences for their guests while they make more money. All they have to do is sign up and add their listing to an account – they will immediately see optimum price predictions tailored to their property. Pricing can then be automatically updated on an ongoing basis for their listing. They can just “set it and forget it”.

How Much Extra Will An Airbnb Host Make?

Hosts using Everbooked can expect to make up to 40% more revenue than hosts taking a relatively passive approach to pricing. Of course some of this is dependent on their booking goals, but even hosts that don’t want to increase booking much can see a substantial increase in revenue based on combinations of demand factors allowing them to raise their prices on the right days.

Everbooked Features:

  • Automatic daily price syncing to an Airbnb account.
  • Ability to pause syncing.
  • Ability to set custom minimum, maximum, and base price (does not affect base price in Airbnb account).
  • Ability to lock in prices for individual days.
  • Ability to pick all or just specific listings from an Airbnb account.
  • Comprehensive demand data sources.
  • Ability to see which data points are affecting price variation and by how much.

How Much Does Everbooked Cost?

At the moment,Everbooked are offering a “founder” deal – a new user will receive access to the service free for at least 3 months. The deal is available for people who sign up right after receiving the deal. Pricing will be set based on extensive user input and the value provided. Pricing plans will be announced in a couple months as the first free trials begin to come to an end.

Privately funded, with a team of 7 mostly engineering staff, Everbooked enters the industry with a compelling product that hosts will certainly take notice of.

Sign up now for free for three months

Here is selection of screenshots inside Everbooked.com

Similar services include Beyond Pricing and Airdna.

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